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Marsch rose

Caledon Wild Flower Show: The rare Marsh Rose. Photo: Adriaan Hanekom

Number 7 : August 2004


1. Tesselaar's tangled tale

By Annalize Mouton

Johannes Jacobus Tesselaar, the son of a lowly cook’s mate, became the first land baron in the Overberg after Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel. And, although he officially died childless, he probably fathered both a “White” and a “Coloured” family line. He left a progeny and legacy which to this day are being untangled in court and by various researchers...


Van Dyk family photo

For the record

After publication, the following information was received from Estelle van Dyk of Stellenbosch about the Teslaarsdal article:

Regarding the family photo on p.2 – my grandmother, Hester [second from left] is not pregnant with Clemens on that photo as you state in the description. Clemens was in fact 16 years old at that time, and he is on the photo as well [far right]. Hester was 17 when Clemens was born. Hester was not pregnant at this time – she had just given birth to my father at that stage. The man on her right is her husband, Coena van Dyk.


3. Historian of his times

He is an endless source of information about the Overberg and its history. Although he is almost 90 years old, he still drives visitors around his farm in his 4x4. He is something of a living legend. Mr Hennie Beyers of the farm Ganskraal near Riviersonderend...


4. Last voyage for beloved canoes

They were brave little boats, capable of carrying heavy loads and surviving heavy seas. But these “Made in Gansbaai” vessels have now become part of Strandveld history. ...


Erratum: Our Editor didn't know his front from his rear when it came to boats: The reference to the "stern" being raised, should be the "prow" or "bow".


5. Elim pays homage to freeing of slaves

Elim, founded by Moravian missionaries in 1824, celebrated its 180th anniversary during the last week of July.


7. International status for fynbos kingdom

Parts of the Cape Floral Region – the smallest but richest such area on Earth – was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO with effect from 1 July 2004. Three sites in the Overberg are included in this designation. ...


Also: What is a World Heritage Site?


And much more:

Two upcoming wild flower shows: Caledon and Hermanus

Veteran bird photographer introduces the Rockjumper: Perky mountain bird

Het Ziekenhuys: A hospital for cattle; not people

Watch out for the Western Leopard Toad in your area

Mathia Schwegler writes about Bulbine, yet another miracle healer

Blue feeds on blue: The bluebottle and its predator

The amazing basketstar – most delicate of the brittlestars

Andy Mitchell asks: Why not beer with food?


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Clemens Reynolds of Tesselaarsdal playing concertina

Mr Clemens Reynolds (84), a descendant of Jan Frederik Bredenkamp, one of the “servant” heirs of Johannes Jacobus Tesselaar. Photo: Maré Mouton

Slave monument, Elim, South Africa

The crowd at the re-dedication of the Slave Monument at Elim. Photo: Maré Mouton

Rowing boat known as a Gansbaai canoe

A Gansbaai canoe on dry land

A basketstar, a type of brittlestar. © Annatjie Krügel

The amazing basketstar.

Photo: Annatjie Krügel

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