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Number 3 : December 2003


1. Tourism Mecca welcomes all

The Overberg Whale Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa, offering many unique features for both local and overseas visitors. This can be enjoyed by all, but must also be treated with care and respect.


Estimated figures for 2002 show that the total population in the various coastal municipalities in the Overstrand more than triples during the holiday season, from 50 000 to about 170 000 souls. ...


Our paper is here to stay!

The reaction to Village Life from both readers and advertisers has been wonderfully positive. Everyone seems surprised that this paper could have emerged from a village as small as Stanford.

The fact is, the paper is here to stay. This issue already sees the addition of four full-colour pages and an increased print order, thanks to new advertising support from Hermanus, Gansbaai and Caledon. ...


2. Photo: Day lilies – these wonderful beauties that last just a single day – come in hundreds of varieties.


Authors meet for workshop

Photo: A well-known publishing house recently hosted a workshop for four of its romance writers in Stanford under guidance of local author Chanette Paul.


3. The Great White: Lord of the Sea

The Great White Shark – Carcharodon carcharias – is the top of the food chain in our oceans. It is a powerful and very elegant animal. Unfortunately the Hollywood film industry has created its image of “an eating machine”, having no other interest but attacking people.


4. Stanplan to uplift whole community

Stanplan is a job creation proposal, initiated during 2000 by the then Stanford Municipal Council. ...


Be careful rather than sorry!

The following list of common-sense safety tips were compiled by Keppies Swanepoel of Safe Security in Stanford: ...


5. Clinic saved by overseas help

As part of the Stanplan project, Dr Brian Brokensha, a retired medical practitioner, and his team of voluntary workers are running a temporary clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays in one of the old buildings up at “Die Kop”, the squatter camp near Stanford...


6. Personalities of the month

An endearing sisterly affair

by Annalize Mouton

The house on the corner of Queen Victoria and Longmarket Streets was built somewhere in the 1800s by Jan Bosman as a present to his then-to-be bride, Eveline, who was a niece of the Moores of Stanford. Today it is a hub of activity and home industry, and home to the eldest and youngest Franken sisters, Joey Croeser and Hilda Wilkinson. Their middle sister, Sophie Binedell, lives close by and most of the time one finds her working with them. In between making floral bouquets, gardening (done by 91 year old aunt Joey), food preserving, baking and cooking, ...


7. Scenes from the Blom & Blits

Stanford 7–9 November 2003 • Photographs by Penny van den Berg & Maré Mouton


8. Changes proposed to Stanford's zoning regulations ...


Photo: A new, highly detailed map of the Overberg Whale Coast was recently published ...


Photo: Mieke de Villiers (far left) is only 16 and at school in Caledon, but is already having her second exhibition of paintings. She is seen here with well-known artist Jeanne Fick during their recent exhibition at Erica Vineyards.


Talking tastebuds by Anka Esterhuizen, Dietitian

Change bad habits slowly ...


9. Watching over the old route into the kloof

by Annalize Mouton

At the foot of the Klein River Mountains, almost hidden in a kloof on the farm Klipdrift, stands a solitary stone cottage, the toll-house, one of the oldest buildings in the area. ...a cornerstone with the year 1722 inscribed on it was found ...


Stanford divas in garden concert

The three sopranos of Stanford – Brigid Packham-Smith, Bea Whittaker and Annalize Mouton – will perform well-loved songs and music in the garden at Bergsig, Moore Street, Stanford at 20:00 on Tuesday, 23 December. ...


10. Ignorance killed many a snake

by Silence Ndlovu & Sean Privett of Grootbos Nature Reserve

If snakes could talk they would “toyi toyi” and demand equal rights to co-exist in the environment. Snakes have been persecuted since time immemorial simply because of people’s fear. ...


Fishing in the Overberg, by Sean Mills of White Water Lodge

November brought a mixed bag of fish

The Klein River that flows past Stanford is home to rare spotted bass (part of the American Bass family) and blue gill, as well as eels. In the lagoon salt water species such as leervis, elf, cob, steenbras and stumpnose are abundant.


11. Birds are singing in your garden

by Dave McLachlan

As residents of Stanford of some 13 years now, we have been fortunate to have a wide variety of interesting birds visit our garden, despite the fact that most of them are what most consider to be the “common or garden variety”. It is not necessary to see only the unusual or rare to enjoy birding. ...


The Village Gardener, by Tracy Paton

Be wise with your water!

As we head into our long, dry summer, the time has come for my often repeated water lecture! It is false economy to walk around with a hosepipe, spraying only leaves and surface soil. All this achieves is a pleasant smell and a waste of expensive water. It also weakens plants. ...


8. With Mug in Hand, by Andy Mitchell of Birkenhead Brewery

It's a hazard on the job

During my years as a brewer and manager in breweries, I have come across many different ways of drinking beer. ...


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Street minstrel in red, Stanford, South Africa

A member of the new minstrel group at the Blom & Blitz Festival

Great White Shark breaching, Gansbaai. © Amos Nachoum

The Overberg coast is the best place in the world to meet the Great White Shark up close and personal. Photograph by Amos Nachoum

The three sisters of Stanford whose ages total more than a quarter of a millennium

Toll house, Klipdrift

The old Toll House on the farm Klipdrift

Puff adder

The puff adder, one of the snakes found in the area. Photograph: Grootbos Nature Reserve

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