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Cover portrait

Miemie Rothmann is in a sense the custodian of the legacy of noted Afrikaans author and women’s rights activist M.E.R. This portrait of Miemie painted in 1973 by Jean Welz is one of a number of works by famous artists in the house in Swellendam, which have been left unchanged since the days M.E.R. lived there – page 10

Number 19 : August 2006


Old photographs

We often use old photographs to illustrate our articles. Many of these are supplied by the families connected to the stories, others come from published or archival sources. This time the Editor discovered he was now old enough to supply the historic photographs for one article himself!

I began taking photographs in earnest in the 1970s when I had just started working for magazines and a newspaper in Cape Town. I also acquired my first car and duly went off to new, unknown destinations over week-ends. Names such as Baardskeerdersbos, Akkedisbergpas, Waenhuiskrans and Garies fascinated me, and I drove to them all. It also so happened that I visited some of the mission stations that author Molly D’Arcy Thompson was visiting for her book Forgotten Corners of the Cape – we could almost have run into each other!

I still have virtually all my negatives and slides taken over the past thirty-five years, and when we decided to retrace Molly’s steps to Mamre for this issue, I could retrieve photographs taken in 1976. I no longer have a dark-room, but by scanning the negatives I could reproduce scenes that have since disappeared.



2. Oribi return to Addo

Farmers have helped to save these graceful but threatened antelopes in the Eastern Cape


6. Camphill – a special place for special people

This school, founded on the theories of Dr Rudolph Steiner, cares for people with disabilities


10. Women of courage

Author M.E.R. was a remarkable woman ahead of her time, and left an enduring legacy. Article by Lesley Howard


15. Special book offer for our readers:

Camdeboo Karoo Venison, a delightful compilation of recipes from the Karoo, is not widely available in bookshops. Readers can now order it by mail of fax for direct delivery


16. Not all whales leave in summer

Well-known researcher Dr Peter Best reveals some new findings regarding whales along the South African coast


21. From military post to mission station – Mamre

We follow Molly D’Arcy Thompson to another forgotten corner of the Cape, this time on the West Coast


26. The quiet beauty of Yzerfontein

Resident Peter Hollard tells the history of this West Coast village


30. Art, food & books in the old Uniondale mill

A creative couple is utilising a neglected National Monument


32. The people of Nuy build a dam

Annalize Mouton concludes her history of the families at Nuy near Worcester. Differences are buried to solve the water shortages of the valley


38. The history of the mountains that shape the Cape

Duncan Miller tells the fascinating story of how the Cape Fold Mountains were formed and folded


42. Whiskered Tern, summer visitor

Stories and great pictures from the long and varied experiences of nature expert Nico Myburgh. Read full article


46. A fragrance garden to lull & cure

By Geraldine Gardiner.

A special place in the newly restored gardens of Fernkloof Nature Reserve


48. Country Table

It’s time for tasty venison – Annnalize tries out one of the recipes from Camdeboo Karoo Venison, and have her guests asking for more!


50. An edible little parasite

Louie Lemmer continues her series on edible seaweeds


52. Tail piece

It’s a hard life for Missy at the office – a lighthearted look at a cat in a box. View as PDF

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Oribi in Addo National Park

The graceful oribi has been saved by private landowners, and has now been introduced to the Addo National Elephant Park

Blind girl, Camphill Community, Hermanus

A girl without eyes receives the special care she needs at Camphill Community, Hermanus

Southern Right Whale, West Coast, South Africa. © Peter Best

A southern right whale feeding off the Cape West Coast at a time of year everybody thought he had gone south! Photo: Peter Best

1976 village scene, Mamre, West Coast

A scene in Mamre on the West Coast, photographed by Maré Mouton in 1976

Yzerfontein seen from 16-mile Beach

The village of Yzerfontein, seen from "16 Mile Beach". Photo: Jane & Gordon Haddow

Swartberg Mountain pass. © Duncan Miller

The pass over the Swartberg Mountains, part of the Cape Fold formations. Photo: Duncan Miller

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