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Number 14 : October 2005


t's the support that does it

We love producing Village Life; finding the stories, trying to take better photographs each time, designing each page with care, even trying to get rid of all the little gremlins of language and typing. This often involves extremely hard work (we drive up to 4000 km a month in the Western Cape) and long hours (I’m writing this at 05:00 in the morning).

What makes it all worthwhile, is the wonderful response we get from readers and other people whom we meet. New subscribers sign up virtually every day, and many, having just discovered Village Life, also order back copies. Unfortunately we also receive calls from people who have seen the magazine somewhere, but could not find it in any shop. For this we apologize, but it is something beyond our control. The logistics of getting copies of magazines onto shelves in shops are daunting and require specialised distribution infrastructure. We keep on working at it and trust that the situation will improve as the magazine becomes better known.

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4. Southernmost wines get official stamp

A look at the new Elim wine ward in the Overberg Strandveld just north of Cape Agulhas


6. Peggy – grand mother goose

This extraordinary spurwing goose raised dozens of goslings... on only one leg. Read full text


10. New growth at fossil site

The West Coast Fossil Park expands to the benefit of local communities


14. The Drostdy Museum in Swellendam

Once the seat of government for the Southern Cape, now the best museum in the Western Cape


19. A special offer for our readers from Jonathan Ball Publishers:

Save on two great books on the cultural history of the Cape: The Old Buildings of the Cape and A Cape Camera, both by Hans Fransen


20. Learning to see through visual art

Painting and drawing play an important therapeutic role for deaf children


24. Zoetendals Vallei wool saves Cape economy

The second chapter in the history of the van Breda family traces the role Michiel van Breda played in establishing the Merino sheep industry in South Africa, thereby giving the Colony a viable export product


30. The jewels of SA birds.

Nico Myburgh takes a look at sunbirds common to the Western Cape. Read full text


34. The healing waters of the Warmwaterberg Spa

We follow Molly D’Arcy Thompson on her travels to the forgotten corners of the Cape


40. Here’s to sweet indulgence

This time the Country Table groans under the weight of dessert


42. Katriena of the Karoo

She tends her own garden with care and knows the plants of the veld intimately.


44. The Village Gardener

Add the wonderful colours of Clivias to a shady spot in your garden


46. A hearty meal from a single plant

Louie Lemmer continues her series on edible seaweeds


48. Oh! Darling!

The people of Darling work together for a feast of entertainment. View as PDF

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Drawing of prehostoric bear, West Coast Fossil Park

Remains of a giant carnivorous bear was one of the surprise finds at the West Coast Fossil Park

Steps to original front of the Drostdy, Swellendam. © Maré Mouton

The side of the Drostdy at Swellendam shows the simple elegance of Cape Dutch architecture – Photo: Maré Mouton

Stables, Zoetendals Valeei, near Cape Agulhas

Stables at Zoetendals Vallei, a farm where the South African farming industry was changed for ever by the introduction of Merino sheep

Deaf learners in art class, Worcester, South Africa

Learners at the De la Bat School for the Deaf at Worcester in the art class

Historic bathhouses at Warmwaterberg Spa near Barrydale

The historic bathhouses overlook Warmwaterberg Spa near Barrydale in the Little Karoo

Clivia flowers

Clivias come in a whole spectrum of lovely colours

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