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Number 11 : April 2005


There are many tales to tell

People often ask us, are you not going to run out of material? Where do you get all the stories? The answer is always: we have only started scratching the surface. There are many, many stories begging to be told.

Our problem is often too little space rather than too little material. Many photographs remain unused and interesting stories have to wait till later.

Feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive to our particular editorial mix and the new format has attracted compliments and new subscriptions from far and wide. We believe our articles, although they originate in the Overberg, will be of interest to people anywhere (a subscriber in Australia, for instance, said she had read the entire magazine in one sitting).

So, we have to increase our girth and our spread. From the next issue, in June, the magazine will have 48 pages plus the cover and be distributed over a much wider area. Unfortunately, the higher printing and distribution costs will necessitate a higher cover price, but readers may be assured that we shall work as hard as always to maintain the quality and improve Village Life with each issue. Here’s to more stories and even more readers!



2. Beekeepers help honey badgers to survive

Farmers and badgers benefited from this conservation programme


5. Shipwreck Museum 30

Shipwrecks and the cultural history of the Strandveld draw visitors from far and wide to the museum in Bredasdorp.


8. The remarkable Miss Gordon of Karwyderskraal

Annalize Mouton researched the life story of this versatile woman whose legacy included a school and church she had built herself, as well as a horse cemetery.


16. The river children

An artist family found peace – and had a fright – near Zuurbraak


18. Everybody’s favourite little bird

Amazing photos and facts about the Cape Robin-chat by veteran bird-watcher Nico Myburgh. Read full text


20. Sea worms found on mountain

A fossil found near Riviersonderend contains creatures from sea level


22. Penguins get artificial nests

Penguins on Dyer Island receive human help to try and reverse their decline in numbers


25. Our most versatile seaweed

Louie Lemmer continues her series on edible seaweeds, sharing recipes for Red Ribbons


26. The Overberg Table

Pickled fish and other pickles:

We prepare, taste and photograph more well-loved recipes from the region


28. The Village Gardener

Tracy Paton’s down-to-earth gardening column features:

28. The bug files: Slugs & frogs

28. It’s time to get those bulbs in!

30. The Ribbon Bush: A splash of colour for a tired garden


31. Bob Harman: Arniston legend

He loved Skipskop, fishing and cooking and contributed much to the community of Arniston.


32. Happy hatters

A major retailer extends a hand to a farming community, and everybody enjoys the celebration. View as PDF


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Cape Honey Badger. © Keith Begg

The Cape Honey Badger had a bad reputation amongst beekeepers. All have benefited from a conservation programme. Photo: Keith Begg

Wooden, painted figurehead from shipwreck, Bredasdorp museum

One of the figureheads in the Shipwreck Museum in Bredasdorp, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary

Miss Ella Gordon, Tivoli Theatre, Cape Town

Miss Ella Gordon came to South Africa as an actress in the Tivoli Music Hall. She became a farmer and benefactor to many people around her

Young girl, near Zuurbraak. © Annalize Mouton

The river children. Their peaceful life by the river at Zuurbraak was almost washed away

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