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Birding with Nico Myburgh
Nico Myburgh with Sasol bird calendar

Mr Myburgh with a calendar containing his photos. His photographs were  published all over the world, but the only articles he ever wrote were the ones he did for Village Life.  Birdlife SA honoured him in 2008 with its Eagle Award for his lifetime contribution to the appreciation and conservation of birds. He passed away in January 2011, aged 86. The Editors of Village Life wrote this obituary for his funeral service

Index to birding articles


VL No 5: Black Harrier: Fynbos raptor

VL No 6: Victorin's Warbler, fynbos special

VL No 7: Rockjumper: Perky mountain bird

VL No 8: Nico Myburgh: Getting the perfect shot

VL No 10: Lanner Falcon: Lethal hit man of our skies

VL No 11: Cape Robin-thrush: Everybody's favourite little garden bird

VL No 12: Kingfishers – birds of quirky colour

VL No 13: The furtive flufftail

VL No 14: Sunbirds – The jewels of SA birds

VL No 14: Peggy, grand mother goose

VL No 15: The brave little Batis

VL No 16: Sclater's Lark: Gem amongst rocks

VL No 17: Crowned Eagle: Talons of death

VL No 18: Spotted Eagle-Owl: He can hear mice walk

VL No 19: Whiskered Tern, summer visitor

VL No 20: A Hoopoe in your garden

VL No 21: Palmnut Vulture: A bird in a very tall tree

VL No 22: Secretary Bird: The only one of its kind

VL No 23: Ground Hornbill: A big bill and a boom

VL No 24: A crane named Tappie

VL No 25: The African Harrier-hawk (Gymnogene)

VL No 26: The call of Africa: African Fish-eagle

VL No 27: Sociable Weavers: Birds that flock together

VL No 28: African Wood-owl

VL No 29: The Heron and the eel

VL No 30: Seen from a hide

VL No 31: Nightjars call at dusk

VL No 32: Pale Chanting Gosshawk: Benign hunters of the arid land

VL No 33: What raptor is that?

VL No 34: African Jacanas: They walk on water

VL No 35: Stalwart of the Karoo – Karoo Korhaan

VL No 36: Good-bye Lourie, hallo Turaco

VL No 37: Black Sparrowhawk: Chickens, be warned!

VL No 38: Love thy Butcher-bird

VL No 39: African Paradise Flycatcher: Birds from paradise


Nico Myburgh with wife Ella and dog Topsie at the Vermont pan, 2004

Nico with wife Ella and dog Topsie at the Vermont pan, 2004

High-resolutions scans of Nico Myburgh's photographs are available for editorial and commercial use. Contact us with your requirements

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